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We have been engaged in timber processing since 1992. All the timber comes from Czech forests and is processed in our saw-mill. As a result, we are able to produce pallet and packaging timber to your specifications and quality requirements. We are also able to heat-treat the manufactured pallets or packaging and to mark them with the required data (symbol, country code, manufacturer / treatment provider code, treatment code).



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Pallets serve primarily to transport goods. Great emphasis is therefore placed on their quality and the sector in which they are used. Due to the fact that we produce in-house, we are able to produce atypical, prismatic, disposable, CP, full-area and US pallets.

Atypical pallets

Are you dissatisfied with the dimensions or other features of standard pallets? In that case, we have the solution for you. Our in-house production facility is able to produce pallets according to your ideas and purposes. You can determine the dimensions, spacing of the boards, fastening material, wood type, load capacity and whether or not the pallets should have bevelled edges.

Prismatic pallets

Are you looking for pallets that are very strong with a high load capacity? Then choose prismatic pallets. The prisms create a strong load-bearing structure. These pallets are only two-way, which means they can only be handled by forklift trucks from two sides.

Disposable pallets

Do you only need pallets for one transport cycle? If so, disposable pallets are ideal. Standards for disposable pallets are less stringent. The pallet can be made of class II timber and can be coloured.

CP pallets

Are you working in the chemicals industry and looking for pallets? In that case, you have no choice but to use CP pallets which have been specifically designed for use in the industry. Our saw-mill produces CP1 to CP9 standard pallets. According to your requirements, we can heat-treat the pallets to the required moisture resistance level or treat them according to the IPPC standard so that you can also export outside of the European Union.

Full-area pallets

Do you need to transport heavy or loose material(s)? In this case, it is advisable to use the full-area pallets (i.e. no gaps between the top boards).

US pallets

Are you looking for a suitable type of pallet on which to transport building materials such as bricks, paving and roofing? Then US pallets are the best. These pallets have whole prisms instead of blocks and are milled for handling by forklift trucks from all sides. Although these pallets are very simple in design, they are very strong with a high load capacity.

Timber packaging

Our modern production facilities house state-of-the-art technologies, such as a trimming saw, drier, pneumatic stapler and strapping machine, which means we are very well placed to produce high-quality timber packaging according to your specifications.

Under ideal circumstances, you should have technical documentation at your disposal. If this is not the case, our team of professionals can help you create it accordingly.

We pay close attention to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. The packaging we produce therefore undergoes strict quality control checks.

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