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We have our own fleet of vehicles which enables us to deliver products to all parts of the Czech Republic and the European Union. We are also a highly flexible organisation and are able to deliver according to your time requirements. It is therefore not necessary to wait for your delivery because we will bring it to you at time specified and convenient to you.

Our fleet of vehicles is not only used for the delivery of our products to our customers, but is also offered to other interested external parties.

We have two articulated trucks (truck with tarpaulin semi-trailer). These trucks are capable of transporting a wide range of materials. Each semi-trailer has a capacity of 34 europallets, with a maximum load of 25 tonnes.


  • Length: 13.6 m
  • Width: 2.45 m – 2.48 m
  • Height: 2.5 m – 2.7 m

Forest truck-and-trailer combinations use specially adapted vehicles. These truck-and-trailer combinations are used for transporting logs from the forest, as well as for long-distance and regional transport. At present, we have 6 forest combinations in our fleet, which were selected according to the diversity of the terrains they have to work in, including rugged forest terrain.

The latest addition to our fleet of forest truck-and-trailer combinations is a limited edition Tatra President. Only 120 vehicles in this model range were produced to symbolise the 120th anniversary of the Präsident model.

Flatbed trucks form an integral part of our fleet of vehicles. At present, we have four flatbed trucks. They are mainly used for transporting timber and materials to our factories, and for delivering final products to our customers. The vehicle specifications are listed below.

  • Renault D WIDE flatbed truck + Panav flatbed trailer
    • loading area of the flatbed truck: 2.5 x 7.75 m
    • loading area of the flatbed trailer: 2.5 x 7.75 m
    • load capacity of the double set: 24 tonnes
  • Renault D12.210 flatbed truck
    • loading area: 2.5 x 8.8 m
    • load capacity: 6 tonnes

Our company is engaged in the sale of chopped fuel-wood. This involves the transport of the ordered materials to our customers. At present, we have two vehicles for this purpose, of which the specifications are listed below.

  • Renault Midlum open-box or flatbed
    • volume of loose wood in the open-box: 20 prm
    • loading area of the flatbed: 2.5 x 6.5 m
    • load capacity: 10 tonnes
  • Avia D100 open-box or flatbed
    • volume of loose wood in the open-box: 10 prm
    • loading area of the flatbed: 2.5 x 5.5 m
    • load capacity: 5.5 tonnes

It goes without saying that as a company whose origins are in forestry services, our fleet also includes harvesters and forwarders. Currently, we use 2 nodes – small and medium. Each node is composed of a harvester and a forwarder.

  • Small node
    • Harvester NEUSON 9002 (cut length 40 cm)
    • Forwarder VIMEK 610
  • Medium node
    • Harvester LOGSET 8H (cut length 65 cm)
    • Forwarder LOGSET 4F

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  • Transport Specialist
    • Pavel Poláček
    • +420 603 469 609

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