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For many years, we have been supplying pallet and packaging timber to leading European companies. Our customers operate in different sectors. Our range of pallet and packaging timber is therefore very diverse. We supply our customers with pallet timber, timber in lengths, pressed cubes or planks and prisms in various sizes. All our products can be delivered in spruce, pine or deciduous wood. We have also expanded our range of products to include pellets and briquettes.

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Contact us

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  • Regional Manager
    • Radek Křivánek (CZE, ENG, RUS)
    • +420 734 319 903


  • Business Manager for the Czech           Republic, Germany, Austria,                   Benelux
    • Petr Kalvas (CZE, DE, ENG, NL)
    • +420 735 758 923
  • Business Manager for the                       Czech Republic and Italy
    • Šárka Zelenková (CZE, ITA, ENG)
    • +420 733 640 293

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