Ever since the company was established we have been working in forestry services. With many years of practical experience, we have become expert foresters. We provide services to both forest owners and forestry companies alike. This includes silvicultural activities (afforestation, forest management, stand tending) and felling operations (thinning, timber harvesting, removal of logs and trade in logs).

What we do


Do you want to afforest your land? We have many years of experience in the field and are able to help you choose the right woody plants for your plot of land. At the same time, you do not have to worry about the bureaucracy associated with planting a new forest. We can arrange everything on your behalf. You can just enjoy watching the forest grow on your site.

Stand tending

Forest care is a very demanding job. If you are finding it difficult, do not despair. Our professional staff will take care of your forest. As part of our stand tending activities, we seek to raise the quality and volume of wood production, improve the health of the forest (removal of infested trees), increase the quality of the trees (branching or shaping) and therefore their resistance.


If you want to maximise forest yield, we recommend carrying out regular thinning. Under this process, trees that do not meet predefined parameters are felled. In this way, unwanted trees that interfere with the growth and health of the best trees in the forest are removed.


A forest is a complex ecosystem. It is therefore necessary to approach felling carefully and comply with all applicable regulations issued by state institutions. In addition to the complexity of the regulations, felling itself is a very demanding process. If you are looking for a reliable partner who can take care of felling, do not hesitate to contact us.

Log removal

Have you felled trees and are looking for an ideal way to get the logs out of the forest? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to our own technical equipment, long-term experience and professional staff, we are able to remove logs from even the most difficult terrain.

Trade in logs

Our forestry services also includes trade in logs. We can buy or sell logs from or to you under the best market conditions.

Forestry equipment

As part of our forestry services, we also have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal. These include harvesters and forwarding sets. We have 2 nodes – small and medium.

    Small node

  • Harvester NEUSON 9002 (cut length 40 cm)
  • Forwarder VIMEK 610


Medium node

  • Harvester LOGSET 8H (cut length 65 cm)
  • Forwarder LOGSET 4F

Technical equipment

High-quality technical equipment is a prerequisite for quality work. Our company is governed by this simple rule. We therefore take great care of the quality of the technical equipment that we use. At present, our fleet includes 2 forwarding sets, 2 harvesters, 6 truck-and-trailer combinations and a complete squad with winch, hydraulic hand and towable forwarding trailer.







Contact us

Contact us

Do you have a question? Then please get in touch with us. You can send your question(s) direct to the appropriate person or via the contact form.

  • Forestry services
    • Pavel Zelenka
    • +420 603 150 841


  • Forestry technical equipment
    • Pavel Poláček
    • +420 603 469 609
  • Purchase and sale of logs
    • Jakub Veselý
    • +420 731 411 527

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