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We take the issue of quality very seriously across the whole range of our activities, from forestry services to the construction of timber houses, from A to Z.


Even though we are a fairly large company, anyone can write to the company management. We try to respond to all questions as quickly as possible. If something goes wrong, we do not try to sweep it under the carpet.


Forests do not grow in a day. As previous generations have done before us, we nurture our forests so that future generations can reap the rewards too. We also make sure that we make full use of the residual material from wood processing.



The very beginning of JACER – CZ, a.s. dates back to 1990. In that year, we applied for a trade licence for forestry activities (forest growing and felling).


In 1992, the legal form of the company was transformed into a limited liability company. This change was motivated by the expansion of our activities to include our own saw-mill and the production of pallets and timber packaging.


In 1999, the legal form of the company was changed once again. This time, into a joint stock company. This change made it possible to further expand our activities to include the sale of fuel wood and our own road transport service. At the same time, we started to export timber materials.


In 2014, as part of our expansion of activities, we officially opened our renovated premises in Předlice in Ústí nad Labem. The site includes The Stables and the Training Centre where various social events, weddings and workshops are held.


In 2015, based on our many years of experience in wood processing, we decided to open the first branch of TIMBER WORLD in Ústí nad Labem. The main idea for ​​this network of shops is built on the concept of providing end users with high-quality timber materials.


In 2017, we started developing a new business activity in the construction of TIMBER HOUSES. Our inspiration in this endeavour is the Training Centre, which is a two-storey timber building.


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náměstí Prokopa Velikého 466/12b
Předlice, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem

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